Elspeth Bloodgood

Elspeth Bloodgood

Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.


RTP®: Getting Started – Easy to Join the Hundreds of Banks Already Enjoying Real-Time Payments

Thursday, December 9th | 12:35 pm ET

​Session Description:

The Clearing House’s RTP® real-time payments system is in its 6th year, reaching hundreds of banks/CUs with 61% of US DDA balances, and tens of millions of payments a month and growing. This session will cover:

Current RTP system statistics and use cases, and ways of joining RTP
Ease and speed of joining via a Third Party Service Party such as Jack Henry
Basic choices to be made during onboarding process, including funding support
Moving from receiving RTP payments to sending them
Ongoing support of real-time payments, e.g., self-audit, anti-fraud
Frequently asked questions / Q&A

Speaker Bio:

Elspeth Bloodgood, AAP, NCP is a senior product manager for Jack Henry’s JHA PayCenter and a subject matter expert in the Zelle and RTP networks.  She has been in the payment industry for the better part of 20 years, starting with a stint on the x9B committee that created the IRD standard for Check 21.  She has experience in online BillPay for the iPay Division of Jack Henry.  Prior to that, she was in product management for biller direct and ACH products at multiple companies.