George Bassous

George Bassous

Affirmative Technologies


Are You Prepared to do Business with Your FinTech?

Wednesday, December 8th | 10:20 am ET

​Session Description:

Adding Third-Party Senders (TPS) and Third-Party Payment Processors (TPPP) to an ACH Program can be a bit frightening and challenging. However, having the right components in place to mitigate the risks and using automation, business intelligence and predictive analytics will bring you confidence your TPS/TPPP will generate a great deal of growth, revenue, and success! This session will discuss what you must know and have in place according to the ACH Rules as well as what the FFIEC Guidance recommends when mitigating risks from TPS and TPPP.

Speaker Bio:

George Bassous has been an innovation leader in emerging payments since 1998 when he founded Affirmative Technologies. Initially, he developed the software as a service (SaaS) to provide Third-Party Payment Processors and Third-Party Senders a method to process their payments, including ACH and Check 21 transactions. His vision and intuition quickly recognized the need to provide payment processing and risk management solutions to financial institutions and has since expanded to include neobanks and FinTechs. Over his 23 years in the payments industry, George has been an influential part of the faster payments movement and has been involved in many committees, project teams, and advisory councils with the National ACH Clearing House Association (Nacha), the Federal Reserve Bank, all ten of the Payments Associations, and the Third-Party Payments Processors Association (TPPPA). It is likely to see George at the industry’s many conferences making sure he stays updated and involved in the rapid changes with emerging payments. George is dedicated to re-invest in his people and technology to maintain a cutting-edge solution to meet the need for a scalable and holistic way to oversee risks in all payment channels using business intelligence and predictive analytics while staying compliant. George has been recognized many times for his leadership and innovation in payments with the most recent Leadership in Payments Award from ePayResources in March 2021.