Karan Kashyap

Karan Kashyap

Posh Technologies


Defining a Successful Innovative Product Rollout: A Discussion with Founders & Financial Institution Leaders

Wednesday, December 8th | 2:20 pm ET

​Session Description:

Successful innovative product rollouts are a reality between banks and fintechs and can lead both parties to exponentially greater heights. If you or your institution are interested in how to take advantage of the cutting-edge financial solutions that can transform your firm, this is the session for you. Leading entrepreneurs and their customer partners will be walking you through each of their respective journeys, allowing you to leave this session with valuable insights on the process and the understanding on how to transform your firm for the better.

Speaker Bio:

Karan Kashyap is the co-founder and CEO of Posh Technologies, a Conversational AI Fin-tech helping financial institutions automate contact center workflows 24/7 to better serve their customers while providing an intelligent banking experience. Karan is an alumnus of MIT’s Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab, where he earned his Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence.