Lee Kyriacou

Lee Kyriacou

The Clearing House


RTP®: Getting Started – Easy to Join the Hundreds of Banks Already Enjoying Real-Time Payments

Thursday, December 9th | 12:35 pm ET

​Session Description:

The Clearing House’s RTP® real-time payments system is in its 6th year, reaching hundreds of banks/CUs with 61% of US DDA balances, and tens of millions of payments a month and growing. This session will cover:  Current RTP system statistics and use cases, and ways of joining RTP  Ease and speed of joining via a Third Party Service Party such as Jack Henry  Basic choices to be made during onboarding process, including funding support  Moving from receiving RTP payments to sending them  Ongoing support of real-time payments, e.g., self-audit, anti-fraud  Frequently asked questions / Q&A

Speaker Bio:

Lee Kyriacou heads up various product management activities for the new Real-Time Payments network at TCH, including fraud, liquidity, analysis and reporting.  Prior to joining TCH, Lee was a partner with Novantas, a financial services consulting firm.  Previously, he held senior roles at Chase Manhattan and Fleet banks in payments and corporate planning, and was a manager at the Boston Consulting Group.  Lee received a JD (law) and an MPhil (economics) from Yale, and a BA from the University of California Davis.