Peter Tapling

Peter Tapling

PTap Advisory, LLC


Strategic Dilemma’s in Payments

Thursday, December 1st

​Session Description:

Payments was once plumbing – it was there but no one thought much about it. Now, financial institutions are more about moving money than storing it and an entire payments industry has bloomed. How do you build a strategy around these competing - and possibly complimentary – factors? From customer demands and demographics to competition, economics, technology, and risk there is a lot at stake. This course provides students with a glimpse into the world of payments strategy and how to focus on turning challenges into success stories.

Key learning things:
• Examine the most pressing technologies in payments
• Assess the forces affecting financial institution strategy
• Evaluate what happens if a plan fails

Speaker Bio:

Peter is a serial entrepreneur having started companies in security, risk, identity and payments. Peter’s advisory efforts are now focused on investments, productization and go to market strategy in payments, risk, authentication/identity and emerging technologies such as blockchain, CBDC, 5G and IoT. He is engaged as a Technology Advisor to Nacha’s Phixius effort. Peter acted as CCO for Spring Labs, building a blockchain based protocol to enable information sharing in financial services. Peter was CRO for Early Warning Services during the market launch of Zelle. Peter was founding CEO of Authentify, the company that introduced Out-of-Band Authentication to financial services. Peter is a member of the Board Advisory Group for the U.S. Faster Payments Council, a member of the Association for Financial Professionals and is an Accredited Payments Risk Professional.