Yosselyn Ramos

Yosselyn Ramos

The Clearing House


Cross-Border Payments on the RTP® Network

Thursday, December 1st | 12:30 pm - 01:20 pm ET

​Session Description:

In so many presentations of The Clearing Houses' innovative RTP® network since its launch, the question of "but is it cross-border" has often been a bright light in payments. Until recently the answer has been "good point". But now, in collaboration with SWIFT and EBA CLEARING, The Clearing House is striving to make cross-border payments as seamless as the fastest domestic payment options. Join this session to find out the latest on faster cross-border payments.


Yosselyn Ramos is Director of RTP® Product Development at The Clearing House.

As a member of the RTP® platform team, Yosselyn is involved in developing RTP strategy and leading new initiatives to meet the growing and evolving demands for real-time payments for financial institutions and their clients and customers.

She currently leads the Immediate Cross Border (IXB) payments initiative for The Clearing House in collaboration with EBA Clearing and SWIFT. IXB is a new way to send and receive cross-border payments – one that is faster, more certain and more transparent than options available today. It is in pilot with the euro and dollar, with additional currency corridors to follow.

Prior to joining The Clearing House, Yosselyn served as a Digital Product Manager with PNC Bank.